He Was Almost There…

There was a man living far outside the city in a small wooden house. He never had enough money to meet his needs. He had a pretty good farm where he worked. But, he had a good and astonishing knowledge about flora around him. One day, when he was working on his farm, he saw a small plant grown up there. A little, fresh and sensitive plant. He ignored it. But he didn’t stop thinking about it. The other day, he went near the plant which was unknown to him. He started cherishing it. That’s called a true love. He started nourishing it daily as it became his routine. After some years, going through the roads, he happened to see people who were attacked by an unknown disease. He was shocked. The whole country was struggling as the disease was contagious. After coming back to home, he felt that he was also influenced by that disease. Carrying a pure feeling of death, he directly went to his true love (the plant), which was grown to a medium sized tree by that time and hugged it. After some time, he started feeling better. Then after some hours, symptoms were gone and he was okay again. He was pondering. Then he found traces of gum on his body. He concluded that it was the gum which cured him. He started extracting gum from that tree. He gave it to the doctors but results were negative. It didn’t work out. Patients were dying.

He lost all his hopes. He stopped nourishing that tree and chopped it with its roots. Meantime, there was another farm, few hundred meters away. There was another poor man living there. He found the usage of that gum of the tree since he was taking care of all the things on his farm. He found that the gum only works with a small pinch of salt. He started experimenting and he succeeded. He gave the solution to the medical authorities. It worked out. The incurable disease became curable. He got many prizes and rewards in public. He started living an IMPROVED life. Wait, what happened to the other man? He died of that disease attack. He was cured at the first time because he was sweating and hugged the tree. Sweat contains traces of salt. He was almost there to serve the humanity but failed. He was really almost there. 

It doesn’t matter who you are, you have always chances to make the things happen. It’s not about money that you need as a resource, it’s all about that patience that you need during the process. Many lose hopes because they don’t see the small ray of light coming into the cave. There are always resources present there to help you to do great things.

Stop whining and start doing. Trust me, if you take one step to that vision, you will see amazing things.

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