Have Visions, Not Goals

Another beautiful day in this beautiful polluted city. Doesn’t matter. The beauty is the beauty. I never liked the smell of a cigarette. It sucks. I just hate the smokes. But I never hated smokers. And there are smokers who always try to quit smoking because they feel it kills. Even your vehicle is a 1.3-ton killing machine then why do you use it daily?

Photo by Mpumelelo Macu on Unsplash

Smokers always seek ways to quit smoking and I call them ‘Shit Smokers’ because they set the goal every time, not the vision. Please allow me to simplify this simple shit. For a smoker, the goal is to quit smoking because it is injurious to health. But a ‘Visionary Smoker’, he/she doesn’t think of setting any goal shit. In spite of that, he/she builds a mental picture of effects of smoking. He/she doesn’t think of himself/herself. He/she thinks of things around him/her. So, when he/she has this clear vision of why he/she should quit smoking, he/she gets the meaning which is provided by the vision. That’s why I call them ‘Visionary Smokers’. Do you not trust me? No problem. Talk to people who have quit smoking.

Is there any point in having life goals?

For me, no. Goals are just there to give you a certain direction. For an example, you are the captain of a pirate ship and you just saw an island. Will you sail your ship to the island? Before sailing, a well-experienced captain examines the vicinity of the target island, ensures the safeguard of his lads, then he proceeds. Even if he wants to attack a big fat ship, he trails it. He makes plans and has visions of what his ship is going to achieve. Pirates prioritize the things which should be looted first. If they have only the goal, the goal of looting that fat ship, even they attack her, they would not be knowing what to take first and will be discovered by more enemies. And the most beautiful thing about pirates is, they are always hungry.

Credit: Pixabay

Try to have visions, not goals. For a visionary human, goals are everywhere. Try to think hard and whatever you are going to do must have some meaning. Visions give birth to goals and the vice-versa is not possible. Always make a mental blueprint for your next step. And there are no shortcuts. Like pirates, you have to trail if you want to loot a big shit.

Don’t worry, the fat ship is coming.

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