Happiness: 99.9% Is Not Enough

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I genuinely don’t believe in 99% or 99.9% happiness. It’s either 0% or 100%. People who often claim they are ‘kind of’ happy are the most miserable humans living on this beautiful planet. They don’t even know whether they are fully happy or not. There are a lot of factors which influence your happiness. Like, what you do, what you eat, whom you spend time with, your ambiance, your clothes, your perfume, your shoes, your personal vehicle, kinds of music and videos, gadgets, and other activities. No matter what, these have a direct effect on your mood.

Most of us hate ‘Monday morning’. And that’s not a problem. Who would work which he/she doesn’t love after an awesome holiday? That’s why people seem upset on Monday mornings and seem exciting on Friday evenings. A general human behavior. What if you carry the energy level which you have on Friday evenings to Monday mornings? Then the life would be so exciting, no? This is pretty true. Do you not trust me? Good. Then do a little research. You don’t need to talk. Use any public transport, grab a place from where you can see more number of people (I prefer the mid-row) and just watch them. Most of them would be looking deeply at their ‘smartphones’ as if their brains are programmed to focus on those phones only. Poor machines! Folks, please tell me. Do you use your phone when you are super happy? If you do, you are a patient. But I don’t. I smile. A lot. May seem crazy sometimes but nobody cares.

Happiness comes from you only. If you want to keep your spouse or family happy, you must learn how to be happy. Because folks, when you are happy, you make others happy. Your business can grow up. Your relationship can become a lot healthier. You can talk better.

No worries, folks! No worries.

Spread the happiness like the T- Virus.

Grinning Face With Smiling Eyes on Samsung

P.S. For those who don’t know a shit about the T- virus, kindly click this. Pile of Poo on Apple It is inside it.


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