Give wings to your dream

Whatever you desire

Whatever you aspire

Have strength to fight

Have strength to strive

And conquer the world

A world where you learn to fly

A world where you desire

A world where you dream

A world where you endure..

endure the beauty around

Where hope becomes your wings..

and give you strength within

A world where you realize..

realize your true potential

Nothing is impossible as it seems

Converse with hopes

And paint on dreams

Believe in your abilities 

Focus on your strength

The dream you saw

Must be realized

Become an untied energy

Never stop

Never quit

Reach the pinnacle

Command respect

No matter how dark it seems

 Be determined to follow your dreams


to crave your own destiny



9 thoughts on “Give wings to your dream

  1. Follow your dreams 10 Feb 2018 — 7:33 PM

    I love this beautiful ❤

  2. Beautiful poem…inspiring. I am trying to find the “like” icon but could not see it. Am I blind or it is not really there?

    1. Thanks. It’s not there because your words matter more to me.

      1. I agree with that. I appreciate reading comments myself

  3. I love that!!!!

    1. My pleasure.

  4. Well written

    1. Thank You.

  5. Nice one!

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