Give Thanks To Someone Today


Give Thanks for the Rainbows, For the Butterflies,
For all God’s Creatures – large and small,
For the Bright Blue Sky and The Soft Fog and The Gentle Rain,
For the Tree Veiled in the Season’s First Frost,
For the Baby’s Laugh, For the Touch of a Hand
And the Whispered “I Love You.”

Thank Someone for coming in your life and giving you joy, Thank them for the memories you will cherish forever. Thank Them Now! Thank Them Today 🙂


7 thoughts on “Give Thanks To Someone Today

  1. will you provide yojana of Jan & Feb ?

    1. may be , keep checking

  2. Oh God! I thank you for loving me FIRST 😂

    1. taking it other way 👍

  3. Thanking my MUM for everything 🙂

  4. thank you granny for making me the person of value , I love you immensely !

  5. I thank my little sister. she is the angel of my life .

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