French Presidential Elections and the Busting of the Right Wing Myth


France’s presidential elections viz. the electing of Emmanuel Macron’ is being touted as the saviour of the liberal democratic tradition, and the buster of the recently formulated myth. The myth that the right wing ideology has been sweeping the globe with the rise of the extremists. 

To the people unaware of the news, Emmanuel Macron became France’s youngest president, and it’s youngest head of the state after Napolean Bonaparte, by defeating Marine Le Pen’s Front National.

Macron’s election campaign was an interesting take on the issue of right and the left wing, wherein, he portrayed himself and his party as neither left nor right, a liberal who was not a socialist. Unlike his political predecessors and his political opponent who thrived under the veil of fascism and conservatism, Macron transcended what is seen as a political tiff between left and the right wing inter alia the neo-liberals and the conservatives.

The devastating defeat of his opposition is the proof enough that the far right tide sweeping the world has been nothing more than an illusion created and generated by the corporal electoral systems rather than being a mass phenomenon. USA’s president Donal Trump won fewer votes than Hillary Clinton, yet became the head of the state by exploiting the political loophole in the country’s electoral system. In India, Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister by exploiting the dissatisfaction amongst the masses against the existing Indian National Congress, and by riding on the wave of development rather than the people’s right wing ideology. In Holland Geert Wilder’s anti-muslim and anti-immigrant campaign disintegrated against the proportional representation system.

Surprisingly in France (positive emphasis), the voters who supported the left or the right wing decided to transfer their preferences to Macron, who proclaimed himself as a neutral person unlike the candidates in the U.S.A., India, and U.K.

Although, the liberal democratic tradition has a long way to go as it can be seen from the clash of the head(s) of the two oldest democracies in the world, for every country is suffering from the dilemma of nationalism which rides on imaginary greatness purported to unify the sect of masses. Till then the myth, as of now, stands busted.

-by Boringbug


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6 thoughts on “French Presidential Elections and the Busting of the Right Wing Myth

  1. It is a truth that the largest part of the world’s media is controlled by right wing capitalists. Their purpose is to further the virus of capitalism and maintain the world’s differentials between wealthy and those in need. Left Insider provides left wing news from reputable news sites like Left Futures, Red Pepper, Novara, The Canary, Buzz Feed, Left Foot Forward etc. Everyone has the birthright to fully exploit our own potential and we all have the duty to assist others maximise theirs.

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  3. France did not voted in favour of Emmanuel Macron but against Marine Le. There was widespread discontent among voters, particularly among the youth, with the mainstream political elite; the economy has been struggling for years; joblessness is high; there is deepening insecurity among the citizens in general in the wake of multiple terror attacks. Marine Le Pen, Mr. Macron’s rival, tried to turn this economic and social insecurity into votes for her virulent brand of politics. She attacked the Paris establishment, the European Union, economic globalisation and France’s open border policy, while being seen to be making common cause with Mr. Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. In the end, she was defeated on a huge margin, polling roughly 34% of the vote compared to Mr. Macron’s 66%.

    1. I get where you are coming from. Macron did get votes from people who dissented Marine Le and her political approach.
      It was mainly the absence of a strong opposition, but nevertheless, Macron did turn out to be a promising face for France and the world politics.
      I am glad that you provided us with an insight. 🙂

      1. My Pleasure

  4. Thank you

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