Everything Is ‘Yours’

I didn’t live life for a single moment being separated from YOU

Without YOU my heart was upset with me,

As you’ve met me once again now, It’s saying


I’m coloured in ‘Your  colours’

I’ve become only ‘Yours

I’ve gotten dissolved in ‘Your ways’

Everything is ‘Yours’


On the roads of the heart,

As the sound of ‘Your footsteps’ is heard once again

Every heartbeat of mine is elated due to this benevolence

As I’ve met You, I’m full of life now

I’m hidden in ‘Your heartbeats’

Life exists only in those moments when You’re with me

After ‘attaining You’ ,

I’ve achieved everything,

I don’t have any more desires

I’m only ‘made up of You’

‘Without You’ my existence is worthless

Nothing inside me belongs to me anymore, everything is Yours

Everything is Yours



YOU’ is substituting  ‘THE CREATOR’ , God , THE ALMIGHTY




2 thoughts on “Everything Is ‘Yours’

  1. woo! beautiful , I love the concept of ‘YOU’

    1. glad you like it 🙂

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