Human beings are emotional. These strong feelings are controlled by your mind and body altogether. Feelings which are so powerful that you can’t hinder them bursting out of your face. The output of these is powerful enough to make you do anything as if you have consumed a magical potion. No matter what you do, you can’t control them. For example, a man is happy now for some reason. Happiness is an emotion. The architecture of his face is different now for obvious reasons. That is what that emotion does. Now, he is so happy that he makes a promise which he can’t keep. Everyone has done that. You decided to do that just because you were happy.  


The same thing happens when you are sad and it is worse folks. Trust me. It is way worse than making any decision when you are super happy. I’m not interested in happiness because nowadays, it is very rare and only a few of us possess it. Either people are sad or pseudo-happy. The choices you make is what lead you. And being miserable creatures, we always make choices when we are sad or hurt. Stop right here if you haven’t done that. You decide to break the relationship after a fight, you decide to pull out your money when stocks go down, you decide to stop talking when you are hurt, you decide to stop eating when you fail at something, you decide to stop singing when someone criticizes you and a lot of other choices. 


Emotions are really impressive because they reflect your mood. It’s always good to show emotions to your loved ones. But sometimes, they are destructive. They weaken you when you need to be strong. You must make a mental blueprint of what you are willing to achieve and there should be no room for emotions. Your empire must be sympathetic but never let your emotions drive you. Emotions look good in parties and bed. Not in business. And here, everyone has a business to do. The definition is different but the value is the same.  

Redefine emotions for yourself. Everyone is different. Everyone feels differently. 

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