Download Kurukshetra Magazine May 2017 Issue (English) PDF

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You may Download Full Issue of Kurukshetra Magazine May 2017(English) PDF at Just Rs 25 (Paytm)

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9 Replies to “Download Kurukshetra Magazine May 2017 Issue (English) PDF”

  1. I need Kurukshetra Magazine for July 2017. Both Hard Copy as well as a soft Copy. How can I get it? I did not get it in the market!

    1. Dear Sunil
      Kurukshetra Magazine July 2017 Issue will be made available by 10th of July and you can download it from RT.
      Please Note :It will be made available in Soft Copy Only
      Thank You
      Happy Reading

        1. Moreover I have advertised for Ur website …soon u ll be getting deluge of people to buy it ! 😀

  2. Dear RT,

    I am a Prime member. Can this PDF please shared with me free of cost?

    Warm regards,

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