Do What You Love; A False Advice

Don’t aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally.

                                                                                                                                  – David Frost

No wonder if I recommend you to do what you love. That’s what all of us recommend, right? A man who says his kid to follow rules to get a job, recommends the same. And a man who says his kid to do what he wants, recommends the same. Jeff Bezos recommends the same, and a family friend who came to my house was recommending me to get a job said the same.

One advice, ladies, and gentlemen but different forms. Bullshit! 

Let’s check this out. The very last thing you touch while leaving your house for your work is your door. Have you ever felt it? Absolutely not. Because you are so stressed and focused on what you are going to do and ignore what you have now. You forget the present. You forget to see the story behind the door. You don’t relate the emotion. Man, that door says goodbye every time you leave your place. You don’t love your door. You don’t love what you see on the way. And you try to love others (humans). Bullshit again!

I implore you to spend some time with someone who does what he/she loves. This kind of humans are really impressive but also hard to find. They just don’t love what they do, they attach emotions to everything. They love their diet plans, they love people they meet, they love their beds, they love their cups of coffee, they love their vehicles. And the reason behind this is some years back, they didn’t have anything.

Love small things. Love what you are experiencing now. It could be the screen which you are looking at or you can love my words (no issues from my side).

Love is an emotion. Emotions come from the heart. Don’t confuse your mind with heart.

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Goodbye, folks!




5 thoughts on “Do What You Love; A False Advice

  1. I’m always mindful when I pass through a doorway because I’m exiting one reality and entering another.

  2. Amazing 😄

    1. I’m honoured. 😊

  3. Correct thought.

    1. 🙂

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