Rekindle The Light In Life

Sometimes our light goes out but
is blown into flame by another human being.
Each of us owes deepest thanks
to those who have rekindled this light.

Each of us has been generously gifted by parents, teachers, mentors, and others we can never repay.

So, in gratitude for what we have received, it is now our turn to generously gift the children, the up-and-coming, and the down-and-out — with no expectation that they can ever repay us – and with the hope that they will, in turn, pay-forward to another generation.

The moment you become miserly you are closed to the basic phenomenon of life: expansion & sharing.

The moment you start clinging to things, you have missed the target.
Because things are not the target, you, your innermost being, is the target -not a beautiful house, but a beautiful you; not much money, but a rich you; not many things, but an open being, available to millions of things.

The debt of gratitude we owe our mother and father
goes forward, not backward.
What we owe our parents is the bill presented to us by our children.

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