Brother ❤❤

No matter how much you want to go away, trying to forget everything but you can not erase memories. You may have dismissed all your emotions for me but I love you till death, brother..

I still remember those days when you used to tell me the story of every new movie you watched.. I remember when you used to call me when upset.. I remember when I used to force you to sing for me which you never did..  I remember you told me that I am the best sister and you’re lucky to have me in your life… I do remember that every time we met you used to come late… And how bad I felt when you talked about going … I wanted to stop you for few more hours… (yes, hours)

I know we used to fight all the time but we never hide anything from each other, We shared common secrets… We know each other more than anyone can know… But since you have decided not to stay, I will not stop you but I will continue to love you as much, I swear.

I love you brother.

I know we will never ever meet again in life but I cherish the time I spent with you… It was the best time I’ve ever had…

I wish I could say goodbye to you brother… I wish I could

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