Because They Know The Value


He would open the window every morning and would see the sun except in rainy days. Obviously. He would go to his work knowing that he would do something someday and would make his parents proud. He had a little money but was doing more than his capacity. He knew that he would make his goals happen someday and would make this world a better place. He was well motivated. But there was something else which was eating him from inside and was stopping him from doing great things.

Unfortunately, he went into depression. He lost his appetite and was constantly worrying about the things which were going to happen like he thought. He lost his sleep and started living an isolated life. He stopped admiring things around him and started quarreling with himself. He stopped talking to his parents. He had nobody. He left the job at last.

That moonless night, he slept after a long struggle. But sleep didn’t want him to take rest. He was constantly thinking about something. He had problems. His life was darker than the night. He needed one spark that could end that darkness. The clock was ticking. It was like waiting for something to happen and it knew something was going to happen but it kept ticking. The clock was desperate to help him but could not do because it was against the laws of nature. It kept waiting. Dawn showed up. Then the morning.

But neither the window was opened, nor it was a rainy day.


There is one death by suicide in the world every 40 seconds.

Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death in the world for those aged 15-44 years.

Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide.

It was very easy to watch the movie because most of us haven’t been through this. Not even me. Go around and seek for survivors. They know what to tell. Conduct a healthy talk session and try to step into their world. What would you have done if you were in his shoes? Don’t say, “I would never do that.” Because it was too easy to say. Too easy. Just feel their pain for some moment and start realizing the value of your life. No one can tell you that but they can. It changes everything. Because I did have a talk session. Thanks dude.


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