Are You VIP

Are you a VIP person?

May be or may be not.

But in India this word is no more. Last month the Indian government made a decision to curb Red/Blue beacon vehicle that has enhanced the feeling of inequality among the society. Someone who is considered as VIP or VVIP , seemed to be a person that is liable to get some specific amenities.

Was the step right that has been taken?

Can banning the Red beacon vehicle will reduce the VIP culture?

I think no.

Red or Blue beacon vehicle doesn`t show the VIP culture. This can be seen as a sign. But what made this phenomenon as VIP was the behavioral habits. Person who is superior, rich and in some kind of upper caste was taken as superior. Seprate lobby for VIPs , separate queues at elections for ministers, separate zone for VIPs & VVIPs in ceremonies and so many other examples. Where is that red beacon now.

This is not the Red or Blue beacon which  developed the VIP culture. It is only we. There has been such things since ancient times when Brahmin was given high place just because of his caste. Was that not the VIP culture.

Banning beacons from vehicles is just like wiping “Tilak” from Brahmin`s head. It is just a sign.VIP culture can not be eliminated in this way. It will exist in the same way and it will use another sign along with the time.

Another examples of this banning method can be seen as banning the merit list in Rajasthan Board Exams. Students who assure name in merit list are used as VIP persons somehow to  enhance the productivity. This also generate feeling of inferiority among students that’s why it was taken a VIP culture by the government. We can also ban many things in such way But is this going to be an adequate method to kill the devil.

To eliminate the VIP culture we need attitudinal change in the mindset of people. There is need of moral change in the superiors that they should not act as VIPs. Constitution imbibes the core thing as equality as Dr. B. R. Ambedkar focuses most thatswhy they gave the concept of reservation to lower castes. This was a step to curb the VIP culture.

We should work on the inner lacunas rather than on outer ones.  Though every society suffers with this problem it can`t be eliminated fully but we can fix some measure of equity to reduce at a par.

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2 thoughts on “Are You VIP

  1. You are right peter

  2. As you have said, it is our Emotional Quotient (EQ) we need to build. Our psyche needs to be worked on and built up.

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