Are you a Procrastinator ?


Are you doing well?
May be or may be not.
You have been doing many fantasies over the years. So many dreams in your eyes. You have seen yourself in heaven for a while. Even you dream endlessly. Do off course. But are you a dreamer only who dreams so good but never wants to try. Are you one who addresses the world but never obey your words even for your own. Are you a good motivational distributer who enthralls even the dead man but has no motivation in his fist ?
Are you a Procrastinator ?
Yes….. You are.
Have you started chasing your dreams right after you thought about them. Have you sat quickly to follow your own gut before appealing from people. Have you enthusiasm enough that can give real motivation on the place of prepared one?
No or yes .
If No, then you are procrastinator.
Believe me .
You are just a faker. Someday you will be noticed.
Procrastination is the thief of the time. You start making long term dream. Then you again make long term plans. & You will able to see in future that the day never comes you have thought about of.
No doubt you have been a genius in past. No matter you are a boy with lady luck blessed  straight overhead. No matter you are the winner.
Procrastination always treats everyone in the same way.
If you are a procrastinator too, then you can get simply rid from this hidden but existed problem.

1. Dream your Dream
Recall your dream again. Tell yourself that you are able enough to get that. Work hard. You may find that the dream is far far away. But reignite yourself again. Do some refreshment of mind but don’t quit dreaming. When you feel like quitting , just prepare your last stroke. Believe me you will be near by the aim if not succeeded . & Then again one prepared stroke & you will find the Rainbow.

2. Never give up
I know the conditions are not worse than yours. But still you are alive. The greatest asset. Just one more time. Stand up.
One more time. Circumstances are myths. laugh at them , but stand once. Never give up

3. You are one piece of its kind.
Yes my Buddy. You are you. No one is here like you. Face may look alike but not the gut. You are unique. Unique in thoughts. Thoughts that are the universe. Universe means power. Means you are power.
Just find that power. Find youself. You have become He/She , Xyz/Abc , Third person. You have Lost yourself. Find yourself. You are you , indeed.

Now i hope you are no more a Procrastinator.
Are you ?

8 thoughts on “Are you a Procrastinator ?

  1. Manish sharma 30 Apr 2017 — 12:28 PM

    Very nicely written…

    1. Thank u Manish.
      Your words worth a lot.
      Keep swallowing words with same eagerness.

  2. I love your line, procrastination is the thief of time. That is so true!
    I wrote a piece on procrastination as well, maybe you can check it out sometime. Great minds think alike!

    1. Thank u for appreciation Tjohnson .
      Plzzzz give the link of your work so i can have a look into that.

  3. Now turn your mind.

  4. I am the best procrastinator đŸ™‚

  5. I used to be able to find good advice from
    your content. thanks.

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