Are They Magicians?

There are moments come when I just sit back and don’t do anything. Trust me, it motivates me. So, one evening, I was admiring some beautiful things about our universe and saw a girl who was more beautiful than the setting sun. She went away like clouds. All of a sudden, my mind started seeking the things which make girls really impressive. I found a lot of things, trust me. But still, I felt our society needed some changes because these creatures (female humans) are wonderful creations.

Let’s leave my bullshit feelings there and get to the main points. Two types of humans live on this Blue planet. Male and female. The size of a female human’s processing unit is smaller than a male’s one. But still, female humans have better communication skills and emotional intelligence than male humans. But some people still believe female humans should not be educated or be authorized to drive. 

Female humans can do multitasking easily while male humans get frustrated if they do the same. But still, some humans want ‘baby boys’. 

Female humans tend to avoid any kind of physical aggression, male humans fail to do so. But still, male humans feel that female humans are weaker than them.

Female humans cry more than male humans in a year. That’s why I recommend male humans to make them happy.

Female humans have 2 times more sensitive skin than male humans. Is that why male humans rape them?

Female humans speak about 20,000 words a day, way more than male humans. Please, team up with ladies. It will help you win any sort of battles.

Female humans are good at remembering faces. I always forget faces and names too.

Folks, they are good in almost all fields. And male humans still want to dominate them. Can they? This society needs some serious changes. 

A Personal Advice:

If you are a male human and believes you can outperform them, kindly team up and build a beautiful society. Spread happiness. 

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