Should I Get Back To Her

I and Ragini loved each other a lot. When everything seemed fine, Ragini was forcefully married off to a wealthy guy by her parents and sent to a distant country thanks to my lower caste. I was heartbroken and slipped into depression. I swore that I would either marry Ragini or die of hunger.

However, luckily for me, I found a new friend in Rashmi. She was my classmate in our college days and had loved me secretly, but never expressed it to me. Rashmi with her presence and constant support made me forget the friends convinced me to marry Rashmi.I married her. Though I didn’t love Rashmi, nevertheless I was happy to get a companion and liked Rashmi very much.
Meanwhile, Ragini never loved her wealthy husband. Every day she was craving for me, she was not in contact for many months now. Unfortunately her both parents got killed in a road accident. She came back to India, but never returned to her husband. Now Ragini was alone with no one
around her for her support. She was the only child of her parents. She inquired about me. Came to know about my whereabouts and present condition. Still she contacted me and we both met secretly. She narrated how she loved me all theses days and expressed her desire to get married to me despite knowing i’m already married. Though i was pushed into chronic depression indirectly by Ragini, I never hated her. In fact i still had soft corner for her. Now she had come for me leaving everything behind.
What should i do now?

Written By : Raghvendra S

3 thoughts on “Should I Get Back To Her

  1. Here, we need to look at other aspects also, like, “Ragini left her husband’s house and came back”, “In spite being together with her husband for so long, they failed to develop an emotional bond. That cud be the reason for leaving her husband and coming back.” “She is now alone. And may be she doesnt wish to go back.” If I’m in place of Raghvendra,
    1. Preserve Sanctity of my marriage with Rashmi.
    2. Acceptance that “Ragini is my past now”
    3. Looking for welfare of Ragini, as she was my love
    4. Counsel her to go back to her husband and take positive steps towards mending her relationship.
    5. If for some reason, not possible to go back to her husband, I’ll advice her to take divorce from her husband and start her life afresh. I’ll always support her.
    6. Advice her to take up a career to ensure she doesn’t goes into depression
    7. Give her moral, financial and social support to start her new life. And, make her understand that no matter what, I’ll always be there to support her as a GOOD FRIEND.
    8. Include my wife too in these dialogues, so that she can understand my point and my empathy towards Ragini. And there by instilling more trust in our relationship.

  2. Hey Raghvendra S, I think You should not keep on
    talking anything secretly with ragini. Because if Rashmi knows this, she may go
    to depression. Whatever you want to do, you must discuss with Rashmi and proceed
    along with Rashmi. This will give rashmi the trust about you as her husband. At the
    same time you must help ragini to settle in her life. you should call her
    husband to come to India and her husband only can help her to recover .Most
    probably he will come because his own wife’s parents were dead and his wife
    needs mostly his help.

    1. Whatever action he wants to take will be based on his integrity .But his actions should not be definitely taken in haste.He may be quite happy to see Ragini back, but he should not forget Rashmi who has been trying all these days to make him normal. He can not let Rashmi in the same state what he was when Ragini left him.It may definitely be not Ragini’s fault, but it is not Rashmi’s fault either for Ragini’s returning back.The dilemma here does not just involve three lives, but it also includes societal values. He should also look at how society will value their relationship without a legal divorce.Their love towards each other may be true, but that should not take extreme steps shattering other lives , in this case Rashmi and the wealthy husband.Incase they still want to live together, they should try to get divorce from their respective spouses explaining them everything and then marrying.Here he has more responsibility towards Rashmi who should ensure that she lives a respectable and decent life and should also see that she does not go into a state of depression as he had .

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