A Serious Issue of Muslims Ban

The day after US President Donald Trump signed his now notorious Muslim ban, he spoke with Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel. Over the phone, she reportedly “explained” to Trump the United States’ obligations under international refugee law, which requires the international community to take in war refugees on humanitarian grounds.

The United Nations Refugee Convention requires that the US provide protection and safe haven to those facing persecution. By shutting the door to refugee admissions, whether temporarily or indefinitely, Trump’s order flagrantly violates that core obligation. This order also breaks with the long US tradition and history (with some abhorrent exceptionsthat should never be repeated) of opening its doors to refugees.

Remember! we all’re children of same God , created by The One ! EARTH IS OURS , We have the right to live where we want to, WHO ARE YOU? A poor human or a new born child probably , Who is still finding The Great Truth . Have Peace.

Play With Minds but Not With Hearts


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  1. Donald Trump is xenophobic , the world already knows this, as everything shown by TV chennals but still voted for him, now what more?

    1. truly said Vinayak! I am hindu by ‘religion’ but human by ‘birth’ but some people are ‘insane’ by birth, neither they live peacefully nor they want others to live.

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