I heard of this world from where i come from, Please give me a chance to explore, I have longed to walk on this soil, Please let me accomplish my dream. O my mother mine, For you were not persecuted by thy mother, I will be punctured, I will be torn apart, My new bones will be broken, My spick-and-span flesh ripped off.
I can’t voice out my distress, For i am dumb, But i speak with a heavy heart, I don’t understand any language yet, For i am deaf,

But when i heard “ABORTION”

I understood clearly because that’s the only reason i can cry in your belly.


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13 thoughts on “Abortion

  1. The top pic is misleading. Those numbers are for surgical abortions in the US, not total abortions, and they are a decade old. It’s 60 million now and the number roughly doubles when you include chemical abortifacients. The “total abortions” worldwide are at about 300,000 a day, mostly in China.

    1. Thank you for sharing exact data.

  2. I wonder…does the soul enters upon birth or while the child is still a fetus in the womb?

    1. yes. i wonder if soul really exists! or our body is just an amalgamation of organs.

    2. First you have to define the soul. One might make an arvument for each cell having a soul, since it has all the qualities of “life” and it’s DNA contains the bluepint for a whole human being. I might say the concept of the soul is very vague, but we equate one body with one soul to keep things simple.

      1. Exactly!

  3. wow… this hit home indeed.

  4. Thank you for reposting .

    1. Wonderful post, thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh! This is heart wrenching. Coiling in my guts 😒😒

    1. Thank you for reading my poem . 😳

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