A Trip To Hell…

I had a nightmare last night (Zombies didn’t show up). Ha. I’m still thinking whether it was a nightmare or just a dream. Fine. Let’s get started…

I was walking alone on the road and suddenly a snake showed up. I was shocked and bit amazed. But due to that shock, I pulled myself a couple of steps back and got hit by a speeding vehicle. BLACK. I died on the spot. But, I didn’t realize my death. Then, I happened to meet a person who started escorting me to a giant gate. A giant golden gate. Hinges were made of diamonds. I stopped there and said, “Man, either you are going to hell or heaven.” DAMN!!! Then, I was taken to a man who was in charge of sending souls to their respective places (either hell or heaven). I was waiting in the queue for my turn, holding a folder in which all my deeds were mentioned accurately. Unfortunately, my turn came and after checking up my deeds, I was forcefully sent to THE GREAT HELL…

Fine. I accepted (obviously I had to). When I was going to that hellish place, I found something. Something that I saw already. In that hell, people were suffering from diseases. People were dying of starvation. No proper vaccinations for diseases. Powerful ones were treating poor and needy ones like slaves. Murders were being committed. There was no money system but rule makers were doing shit.

No help was there. People were enslaving people. No democracy. Worse than terrorism. No religion. No truth. No belief. No territories. Only killings. Then I started thinking about the scene but it was interrupted by a man who was rushing toward me with a dagger. And, he killed me. And I woke up… DAMN!

Now, I just want to say,” There is no hell. This is hell. All those things are happening here, right now. Actually speaking, that person didn’t send me to hell, he sent me back to the earth. Really. We are in hell right now. Now it’s our responsibility to transform this hell into a heaven. Start doing something that would bring that change. Follow your vision and if your vision is right, you will end up transforming this into a better place.”

(So, was it a nightmare or just a dream?)

Think accordingly.


11 Replies to “A Trip To Hell…”

  1. Seriously? or Fiction? But Truly Said “Follow your vision and if your vision is right, you will end up transforming Earth into a better place.”

  2. Oh! Superb journey boss, scary but true, very great message you conveyed. We need to transform this hell into heaven but I don’t actually believe in this concept so I would say we should convert this earth into a livable planet..

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