A Risk-Taker’s Tale

This had taken place years ago when there were no telephones, no satellites, no other gizmos. There was a peaceful village on the other side of the hill. The flora and fauna were flourishing with no hindrance. The farms were green. Everyone was happy for the weather. The river was full of water with a plenty of fishes. There was only one thing which separated the green from the blue, the horizon.


Everything has an ending, even the happiness. The weather started to change. The rate of downpour got reduced. Humidity started to decrease. The river started to dry. Animals started to die slowly. Crops were losing their strength. And after a couple of months, there was very less sign of greenery. Villagers were praying for the rain. They discovered a simple fact and that was their ending was near. But one boy wasn’t praying. He didn’t bow his head down like others. 


He decided to go out of his village. He asked his parents to come but they already accepted the fate. But he didn’t. He knew that he would not last for more than 28 days if he traveled. But he took the risk. The biggest risk. He took his things, said goodbye to his sleeping parents and left the village.

The journey was tough. More than he imagined. His food and water were getting consumed. After 30 days, he started to faint. The scorching land was giving him the feeling of water. But he didn’t care. After an hour, he was on his knees. He came so far and there was no going back. Either he chose to die or keep going. He chose to go forward. I don’t know what it was which was keeping him alive. After a while, he got a sniff of something pleasurable. He saw a narrow river. Then some rabbits. Then some birds. Then a herd deer. He rushed toward the river with full force and jumped into it. He drank the water as if it was the nectar from heaven. He took rest, carried a lot of water and edible plants with himself and went back. 

But it was too late. 

Take risks, folks.

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