A Quick Advice: Small But Powerful

Oh shit!           Oh shit!           Oh shit!

The reason you are not getting results is that you are fantasized. The reason you are not experiencing great things is that you are fantasized. The reason you are not going ahead is that you are fantasized.

You focus on other people’s ambitions so much that you disregard your inner values that tell you what you really need to do. There is absolutely no harm in reading or studying great personalities. Absolutely not. But have you ever seen them talking about ambitions of other people? If you have, then you have been watching wrong interviews. They admire who are above them but they don’t want to be like them. They want to be themselves and they work. Stop running after 30 seconds of glory. Focus on bricks, not on the mansion. The mansion is for average people and I firmly believe, you are not an average human.

The number one thing which is going to change your condition is patience. Patience is the game, man. It teaches and if you don’t follow it, you’re out of the game. It destroyed me many times and now I just love it. It’s everywhere and tests me every time.

So humans, stop worrying about the result and start focussing on your crafts.

The craftsmanship is going to decide how high you’re going to fly. And patience is going to build your wings. Without wings, you can’t fly.

Remember, patience…


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