A Good Season

There are three kinds of people living on this blue planet. The first kind of people is pretty interesting. People who know things and are winning because they failed at many things years ago. Let’s not talk about those people because they are living their lives to the fullest. Now, there is another kind of people who know they want to do something but they are not winning. And I believe most of us belong to this kind. I’ll talk about this kind soon. But before that, there is the last kind of people who don’t want to do anything about anything and complain all the time. From climate change to heavy traffic. From the constitution of the country to movies. They complain about everything. And they are pretty boring. Like just complain about the things they experience and doing nothing to change. Let them do. That’s where they belong.

I’m interested in the second kind. These people are real winners because they know what they are doing and have discovered one fact and that is they may not be winning today but a good season is coming. That’s why they wake up every day with determination. These people taught me many lessons. They are patient, disciplined and hard working. They may not have talents but they work hard.

10 Years of

Now I know every great vision takes time. A great vision takes many years to be in real shape. And it is a lot of hard work. There is absolutely no overnight success unless you won a big lotto shit.

10 Years of (1).jpg

Instant coffee? Yes, of course.

Instant success? Never.

Keep working and don’t lose faith. You might have tried it months ago and you failed miserably but don’t worry. Get up and try again. Fail again. Get up and try again. And do help others to achieve what they want.

Your good season is coming…

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