A Girl Vs Her Fate : The Rainbow


The city was full of lights and vivid colors. People looked happy. The city was covered by a cheerful scent. She reached the hotel and took some rest. She had already been through a lot. She had lunch and started practicing. The competition was after 2 days. After the practice, she decided to go out at evening. She had coffee at an outside café and started watching the actions of other people around her. She found the city a very beautiful place. She roamed around the city for some time and went back to her room. Then she had dinner and started practicing in the room. She was excited about the competition, but somewhere deep inside, she was a bit nervous. But the nervousness must perish for the competition. She controlled herself somehow and resumed what she was doing. Next morning, she woke up with determination, she had breakfast and started practicing. She practiced all day. For the sake of the rest, she got out of her hotel room and started roaming around the city again at evening.

She was going on a street with little light and encountered a group of stalkers. She didn’t know about the situation. She was just walking happily and thinking about her upcoming life. But she was interrupted by them. She fell into the real world and the situation was there. Life had put another hurdle for her. They were 3 and she was alone. She didn’t have any martial arts training. Zero fighting skills. They came near her. She was frightened. But she knew if she didn’t do anything, it would definitely affect her soul. So, she made her mind to do anything whatever it took to protect her soul and dignity. One of them approached her forcefully and pushed her. She held the grip and took out the lipstick from her purse. The cap was pointed and she hit his face with that pointed lipstick’s cap. Other two got shocked and tried to attack her. She took few steps back and hit one of them with her high-heeled sandal.

But the last one grabbed her. She tried but failed. Meanwhile, two youngsters were passing by and saw the scene. They interrupted the scene. They punched two of them and the third one didn’t even dare to do anything. They ran away somehow. She thanked them. Boys appreciated her for her efforts and one of them recognized her. He knew that she was the speaker who was there for that championship. They assured her that they would definitely come to see her performance, wished her and went away. She came back to her room. She practiced a bit and slept.

The sun didn’t shine in the next morning. It was a cloudy day. She got up, got dressed and went to the venue. She saw contestants coming from the different parts of the country. The competition announced. The density of the spectators was very huge. Competitors were delivering their speeches like she had never listened to. Her time came. She picked the chit up. She got her topic. It was ‘A Female Human’. She instantly connected this to herself. She stood up on the stage, adjusted the microphone, closed her eyes and started.

“The light does not have any meaning without the darkness.

A painting without a good painter is artless.

Happiness doesn’t exist without the pain.

The rainbow doesn’t appear without the rain.

(Spectators applauded)

Yes, we are everywhere. From the seed of a plant to the fruits. From making of the skyscrapers to the making of the homes. From a sports ground to space. From pen to music. We are doing better than anyone. But the dignity of these creatures is degrading day by day. External forces are poisoning us without our knowledge. There are other creatures who don’t understand the meaning of us. They consider us as their toys. They wish to use whenever they want and then discard whenever the toys get old and weak.

And some of them are so super human that they don’t even play with the toys. They don’t want to see these toys in the society. They burn them or ignore them. Sometimes, these toys want to do something. They hinder. They think and feel that toys are made of plastics and weak. Put some pressure and can be molded.

They don’t think toys are capable of doing anything. My question is,

“Then why do they judge toys on the basis of their appearances?”

Who are these creatures telling that toys aren’t fit for the society? If toys aren’t, then

why do they stalk toys like they have never seen any toy before?

And, ladies and gentlemen, there are some another level of creatures which really believe that these toys are distractions. These toys should not do whatever they want to do. Poor creatures! These toys should not walk free at late nights. Because they could distract other creatures which might use these toys to their advantage. Why can these toys not roam at late nights? By the way, before questioning these toys, question those creatures who roam at late nights. Why do they stay awake at late nights without any work?

Then there are other creatures who know the value of these toys but when it comes to real life, they stay quite. There is no point of valuing anything if you fail to protect it. Then, why do they claim? Just to gain toys’ attention? Or to impress some toys so that one day they would use one of the toys? Ha.

Ladies and gentlemen, humanity can’t be pushed with one sex. There has to be another one which helps the other one in down times. Like I said, we are everywhere. There is no place left without us. Then, why do they not value us?

We are not here to demand our rights. We are here to fight.

We don’t beg. We take.

We don’t cry. We make devils cry.

We may seem silent sometimes, doesn’t mean we are weak. If you play dark tricks with us, we have the power to resist them.

We respect those who are being nice to us. That’s why we are not toys. We are not made of plastics. We can even resist fire. That’s why we consider ourselves as a tungsten. That’s why we can spread light. Ladies and gentlemen, we are the great souls which are changing the society and culture. We don’t do it for rewards, we do it so that everyone can live with happiness.

We are WOMEN.

And our time is coming.

Thank you very much.”

The crowd stood up and cheered like they saw something which was out of the galaxy.

The final decision was announced. The result was a tie. One boy was selected along with this girl. Both were appreciated.

Her life is going to be changed.

After the ceremony, the very first thing she did was, she went to her hotel room, closed the door and started crying in the memory of her beloved. The opportunity was offered by him but he was not present in her happiness. She knew that she was ready to start a new life. An enhanced life.

A better life…




P.S. I’m truly convinced to say that they are not toys. Stop judging them on the basis of their appearances because you would never understand them if you do so. Value them like you value yourself.

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  1. This post should inspire every woman and challenge all men to have a rethink towards their views and attitudes to women!
    Nice one!

  2. The daring gesture of the girl in overpowering the stalkers is brilliantly written. The women need to live in dignity. Iam of the view we need to write more on the valiant deeds of women to make them fearless to lead a pleasant life

    read my blogs poems and leave comments.

    1. Yes, you are true. But words can’t protect them. The society needs a change. Actions have to be brought into the real picture, so that their will can be boosted up. The will to act.
      Thanks for sharing what you feel.
      Live well.

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