A Girl Vs Her Fate : The Night Before The Dawn


She picked the phone and heard a voice. The thing that happened made the voice very terrible. It was a call from a man who got her contact number from the victim’s cell phone. The person she loved the most met with an accident and she lost him. She was shaken but she controlled herself. She neither cried nor screamed. She hung up the phone silently and headed to the hospital. She met the man who took the body to the hospital and he asked only one thing. He asked, “Miss, do you want to know what he said when he was dying?” She shook her head but didn’t say anything. The man took it positively and replied, “A very beautiful girl will come for me. Tell her that I believe in her, everything is going to be all right and I’ll be watching her.” The man waited for her reply but she got out of the scene.


She knew that the boy she loved the most would never walk with her and she decided to do what she was told to do. So, she came back to her room and started practicing.

The day came. She went there and the competition started. Participants were way better than her but she knew one fact. And that was, no one is better than me. She kept reciting it until she got her turn. It was a short duration speech. She took a piece of paper from a box which was titled “Angels”. She didn’t know what to say then she saw the boy she loved. The waves were started flowing in her veins. She cleared her throat and started speaking.


“Imagine falling into the quicksand and discovering no one is there to help you.

We can’t see the air; we can only feel it. We can’t see the heat; we can only feel it. We can’t see the feelings because feelings can only be felt. Likewise, we encounter entities in our lives which might have existed or might not. But they teach us valuable lessons. Lessons which can only be learned by those sort of entities. They don’t demand because they care about you. They wipe your tears when no one is there. They see you in a different way. That’s why you are special for them.

Other may believe in such things but they exist. May not in the real form but they watch you. They help you. They push you to do great deeds because only great things can inspire minds to do great works. They never scream because they don’t waste their energies in meaningless things. They come near you and whisper. Their words have deep meanings. Deeper than any ocean. They teach you how to live the life because they value every life.

Other may see them as magicians but great people see them as humans. Because they know what they are supposed to do here. They don’t care about what they are doing, they care about the people around them and do what is necessary to make everything wonderful. They come from nowhere and go like the clouds but leave behind their trails. You would never get to know their source but they are here. They might be sitting with you right now or might be waiting outside to pick you up for the home. They don’t want any rewards but they want us to do honorable things.

They are great souls which are shifting our minds into a right direction and changing the world for us. They are silent legends. The great motivators. The great captains of various ships. They are angels and their true rewards have yet to come.

Thank you.”

Spectators clapped and cheered.

No wonder, she got selected. But she was silent. She was appreciated and still, she wasn’t happy.

She got into the training session after a couple of days and was being trained by an experienced lady. They became familiar in no time. Her days were just passing by until one day she got a news about the greatest speech competition in the country. It was not just a competition. It was an opportunity to attract investors and start something new. She knew what she wanted to do. She was prepared. She left the city with full of positivity and reached the venue. The accommodation was already arranged by her trainer. But the city was not like what she expected.  


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