A Beautiful Painter

I don’t care who you are, I care about your heart…

There was a beautiful girl, messed up with her life. She didn’t know what to do, but had a good heart. She knew only one thing. Painting. She would paint every day irrespective of the situations. She would paint when she got upset, would paint even in good moments. She was full of positive energy that kept that desire of painting alive. She was just an awesome and beautiful painter.

She completed her high school like a frog crossing a busy road. Didn’t matter. She got into a college which she didn’t like because she wanted to be a painter. Her parents were rigid and didn’t want her to paint. But she respected them and listened to them. Finally, she got into the college. The college was a hell for her. There was nothing of her interest. But she kept going. She didn’t give up. She kept painting. Circumstances were hindering her, but she didn’t care. Painting nested her mind. As the days rolled on, she became finer. But she lacked of academic percentage and failed in her first year. She didn’t care, but her parents did. They forced her to leave the painting and insisted her to study hard and get a decent job. Did she listen to them? NO. Obviously. That zeal of painting blocked their thoughts to get into her ears. She continued. Every painting was better than the previous one. She kept digesting all thoughts of her parents.

But one day, her paintings were happened to attract an old gentleman’s attention. The wise man approached her and asked her to paint for him. An independent painter. She was offered all the resources she needed and he didn’t want to take her share. He wanted her to paint. Just to paint.

She had two options. Either she listened to the wise man who came like an angel to make her dreams into reality or followed her parents’ path to become an average person.

What did she do?

Here’s a thing for you. Look, there are people who are chasing their dreams every day. They may seem crazy. They may be hidden somewhere. But they are doing something. I just want to convey that everybody has something to do. Everybody wants something. If you are a parent, look at your child. If you are a student, look around yourself and you will find someone who is grinding right now. If you are an old person who lived your life, look at people who are younger than you and doing what you never did.

People are chasing their ambitions in this world. What are you waiting for?

18 thoughts on “A Beautiful Painter

  1. Always keep searching for that dream.

    1. Yes, always. Thanks. Live well.

    1. Oh, thank you. Live well.

  2. D story itself…an inspiration

    1. Inspiration doesn’t work unless you let it get inside. Thank you so much.

  3. This is actually quite similar to a novel I’m writing. I certainly feel encouraged now.

    1. Oh! I didn’t know that. But if it encouraged you to do more, means I did something good. Thank you very much. And do let me know once your novel will be published. Cheers.

      1. I most certainly will! Keep these posts coming!

  4. Nice story… 👌👌

    1. Thank you very much.

      1. Welcome…. 😊

  5. Follow the dreams.

    1. You are true. Thanks.

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