4 Insurance Schemes Launched for People with Disabilities (PwD)

The current central government has introduced insurance schemes exclusively for PwD under the Sugamya Bharat Abhiyan (Accessible India Campaign).

Nodal Agencies

 Department of empowerment of PwD

 Ministry of social justice and empowerment

Niramaya Health Insurance

 Scheme available all over India except J&K

 Insurance cover of up to 1 lac to PwDs

 Single premium across age bands

 PwDs with disabilities under the National Trust Act are eligible

 No need for pre-medical tests before enrolling in the policy

 OPD treatment facility available including medical check-up, tests, medicines,corrective surgeries and therapies

 Alternate medicine to reduce disability impact

 Covers transportation costs

 Treatment took from any hospital

 Insurance scheme on reimbursement basis only

Swavlamban Health Insurance Scheme

 New India Assurance Company is the implementing agency

 Uniform premium of 357 rupees per PwD person through out the country

 Sum insured is 2 lacs for a year and will cover PwDs in the age group of 0 to 65 years

 OPD benefits include 10000 p.a per PwD and 3000 p.a for mentally retarded people

 PwD family including spouse and up to two children are covered by this scheme

 No premedical tests involved  Cashless treatment to be taken in New India Assurance created network of hospitals for free treatment under the policy

 Claims must be made to New India Assurance with PwD certificate

 Swavlamban excludes people with autism, cerebral palsy and Multiple disabilities

Gharaunda Scheme

 To provide basic medical care facilities for life long to PwDs

 Professional doctors to offer quality health care services

 Scheme available throughout India except for J&K

 Every Gharaunda centre to have a maximum of 30 PwDs including LIG and above LIG PwDs in the ratio of 1:1

 Payment to be received annually from family members or institutions or guardians

 Covers all adult PwDs included in the National Trust Act Vikaas Scheme

 It is a medical day care scheme for welfare of PwDs

 Daycare offered to PwDs for a minimum of 6 hours daily (8 AM to 6 PM)

 Maximum batch size of a Vikaas centre is 39  Day care centres to be opened for a minimum of 21 days in a month

 Minimum attendance fixed at 15 days

 Covers medical treatment of the disability and other health care services

 Scheme available throughout India except for J&K

 National Trust will fund the PwD


 GOI has introduced a slew of measures under the Accessible India campaign

 This gives importance and recognises the importance of PwDs in the society

 The contribution of PwDs to the society is on the rise

 The enrollment of PwDs in the government jobs is also on the rise

 The above health insurance schemes will boost the confidence of PwDs and enable them to live with self-esteem in the society

 The hospital and medical expenses of the PwDs are eliminated to the core with these schemes

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