Complicated Relationship

Sometimes we stick in a complicated relationship so much so that we never find a way out and it take us to a dead end. A suffocating relationship where mind searches an escape but poor heart always wanted to give a chance.

I believe, complicated relations are nothing but stupidity of human mind.
As soon as you realize that your relation is getting complex, you should walk away.  Simple it sounds- but harder it goes! I understand!
The heart usually searches for an alternative!

And yeah, It is not always necessary for a complicated relation to die a tragic death. Spending time apart can help you understand the importance of your relationship. You might actually fear that this kind of space might break the relationship, but trust me, distance does wonders at times.

You will understand your worth and if you are wanted in the relation. After, you can decide if your relation can survive or you should move-on! but please be very specific and firm about your decision. If not,  then you will surely endure many years of suffering because of that.

Trust me! Even when you decide- to walk away,  it hurts for a while but your heart will eventually heal n you can then focus on how to spend  the rest of your life- happily and stress free.


So leave everything behind and toss the stress!  don’t worry, take a step n god will heal your pain;
Life is beautiful!  live it your way.


By Rehanaa Khan

At times we think we should give up, but if it's worth fighting for then fight for what's right.

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[…] We used to be free, We used to walk through life like a breeze, I don’t know why, but life has been dragging us and keeping us busy by throwing complexities ;  Let’s leave everything behind, Let’s toss the stresses and the pain goes away, Life is beautiful, Let’s live our way. […]

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Sometimes there are connections that are simply mysterious, you know, and has no logic. I had been in that kind of thing and boy, I matured spiritually because of it. We do not meet people by accident. It is always for a reason or lesson.

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