A Laid-Back Person

Have you ever heard this word before? Does it mean a lazy person? or someone who doesn’t really care about anything?

That’s not what it actually means.

A laid-back person is someone who doesn’t get upset about things very easily. He seems very calm and relaxed all the time.

In simple words, A person who doesn’t let the pressure get to him. Nothing really worries him.

For example, My physics teacher has a laid-back approach to everything. 🙂

You may have heard people saying that they enjoy being in the company of those who are laid-back.

What they actually mean is when they’re in their company, they begin to relax.

The term ‘laid-back’ can also be used with things. For example, compared to Mumbai, Pune is a very laid-back city.

Ramu says that the company that he’s working for now is pretty laid-back. They don’t have a dress code or anything. The only thing they care about is meeting deadlines.

By Rehanaa Khan

At times we think we should give up, but if it's worth fighting for then fight for what's right.

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