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Women And The Society

Have you heard men talking about the driving skills of women? I have. A number of times. It’s not the mindset. It’s the lack of knowledge that those who say have. No point in arguing with them. My mom drives too. And she doesn’t care.

People who dare to do extraordinary things will keep doing, no matter what others say.

Blaming others is one of the characteristics of human beings. It is in our nature to blame and criticize those who are inferior to us. They think women are inferior. As a matter of fact, the whole universe can prove that the possessed thinking of this society is merely a false belief.

Truly speaking, if you can create things, then you can destroy them too. And the same applies to women. Their behaviors are so wonderful and vivid that one can be lost in the woods of their thoughts.

You don’t need an infinite series of trigonometric functions which is pretty periodic in nature and doesn’t make any sense because it is infinite with the periodicity to understand them. Their behaviors are like arithmetic functions which are cool and simple. But one can misunderstand this by thinking that having simple things is not the nature of them which again proves that the simplicity is the best choice.

Shopping is what they like. I honestly and heartedly admit that. It is not the things that attract them, it is the culture which they find at those places. And we, men, get bored and frustrated easily because that culture is invisible to us. Fortunately, the universe gives us the same culture in other things. That’s why some of us like molesting women and worse, …

It is absolutely unwise to say that men are different from women. Their behaviors may be, but the true nature lies within each of them. The society calls it humanity which is unwillingly called because it wants to prove that it is good.

It would be improper if the society is blamed though it should be because of not the acts but of the belief system. A society which has humans in the form of men and women but no humanity in any form. But the truth is, the truth is hidden. And we all seek it every day. That truth is unattainable. That truth is built on the foundation of lies. The lies that we say to ourselves every day. But we, together, can forge wonderful things that this universe is yet to see.

No need to seek that truth. Discover one simple fact and that is, women are just wonderful. 

At last, we are the society.


By Shubham Paul

I'm a wizard who doesn't know magic tricks. I spend my day with my coffee and my work. I just love what I do.

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