The Wrong World

It doesn’t matter how powerful you are, you can’t run from the truth. Our world is very wonderful. Like,

  • It is not considered appropriate to hug tightly or kiss a girl/boy whom you love openly because they are just making love freely. They must do all these things in closed rooms because people don’t feel comfortable around them. But people don’t care if they see a street fight. lo
  • Girls who wear less clothing because they like it and help others are considered as characterless or moreover, sluts. And those men who wear full clothes and make false promises are considered as leaders.There is a prostitute who spends her money and time 3 times a week with orphans and disabled kids to spread happiness. And there is a lady who sits in an air-conditioned room and is corrupted..jpg
  • This is a world where the virginity is considered as a sign of purity, not the character. sup.jpg
  • This is a world where we need certificates to prove our caste but I don’t believe we have any certificate for any sort of religion.rel.jpg
  • This is a world where nobody supports those who walk against the wrong system.Why do people want less corrupted systems_.jpg
  • This is a world where the intelligence is determined by some numbers. 96 out of 100 is excellent and 31 out of 100 is very poor though both of them are just real numbers.uncharted (1).jpg
  • This is a world where people feel free and cool to buy cigarettes or alcohols but don’t want to buy condoms/ sanitary napkins openly.uncharted (2).jpg
  • This is a world where they praise the false gods and ignore the inner values of living beings.uncharted (3).jpg
  • This is a world where poor, filthy clothed people aren’t allowed in sacred places though everyone was created same.hbhj.jpg
  • This is a world where the traditions can’t be changed, no matter how claptrap they are. Every generation is smarter than the old one. That’s why kids know about smartphones more than any 40 years old guy. Kids tend to ignore things which they feel absurd and boring. Their dreams are different and powerful. Then,

why do we want them to live the way we want to?

And folks the best thing is, people still have a hope of a better world but don’t want to do anything about it.

I’m working on it. Are you?

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By Shubham Paul

I'm a wizard who doesn't know magic tricks. I spend my day with my coffee and my work. I just love what I do.

5 replies on “The Wrong World”

Very Nice! Genuine questions raised by you. People want this planet to be more livable for coming generations but how come this be possible by sitting idle

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