The Best Religion

Everyone has a brain (no sarcasm) but a few of us have a heart…

In this modern time, we are so busy in getting our things done that we forget humans are social animals. We live together in a society. There are people who need help and you can help them but you are stuck. We are so habitual to think for ourselves that the day is not so far when we will have to make our own deathbeds. The day is not so far when we’ll see the destruction of our culture, humanity. Everything is divided, especially in our country. And they still care about the culture. Here, great minds are ignored and small minds are getting opportunities to make their minds even smaller.

We are living in a world where people talk about the celebrities who have got new super luxurious cars but we ignore those people who are trying to fix the ozone layer or who are trying to find affordable solutions for cancer so that thousands of lives can be saved. And on the top of that, even if you tell anything to these people, they say, “Oh! Come on. Be serious. You shouldn’t think so much. Enjoy your life.”


Look around yourself. You are surrounded by problems. From the potholes to the water you drink, problems are everywhere. Great! It’s a good thing. More problems. More opportunities. More great minds. Try to solve one problem every day. Even if a problem takes a year, let it take, you just keep trying. No problem is small or big. A problem is a problem.

So, you tell so much. What are you doing, Shubham Paul? Are you solving anything? Yes. I’m. It’s going to take years but I’ve got good people onboard. Getting like-minded people is a big problem and I’m trying to solve it too.

And the best way I know to solve problems is, make them personal. Don’t make anything personal but problems. If an old lady lives in a house alone and there is no one who can bring her groceries, get yourself in her shoes and ask yourself that how will you solve it? When you get an answer, present your solution to her. If it satisfies and solves her problem, means it is the right solution. You just solved a problem. Are you feeling good? She might give you chocolates in return.


Don’t just think for yourself; Think for others too. But don’t listen to everyone.

Because we have only one religion.


By Shubham Paul

I'm a wizard who doesn't know magic tricks. I spend my day with my coffee and my work. I just love what I do.

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