Short Stories

Toward A Better Life

A daughter and her father were enjoying the cool breeze on a seashore. All of a sudden she asked his father, “Who do people earn money?” father-656734_960_720.jpgHer father replied politely, “So that they can fulfil their needs, my little angel.” The girl didn’t say anything. But she knew that she was not going to use the money to satisfy her needs in the future. She was not a quick learner and somehow got a degree which didn’t amaze her. She spent her childhood in searching for means to satisfy her requirements. She didn’t find anything apart from money. She grew up and was working for a corporation which actually didn’t interest her. She wanted to leave the job but she couldn’t because money was fulfilling her needs. Money was bringing happiness.

It was a sunny day of the winter. People were enjoying but she kept thinking about what she really needed. She was walking on a street lonely facing the happy faces. She stopped at a point and start staring at a tall building.


She noticed that workers were cleaning the glass windows up there. She wondered if she could do this. She thought that it would be awesome doing this job which is a bit isolated from others. You and the sky. No humans. No noise. She thought that she could even sing her favourite song up there while working which she wasn’t allowed to do in her office.
But there is a famous saying which says,

quotes-When-you-really-want.jpgWhatever she was thinking, wasn’t going to happen. And something shocking took place there which shook the foundations of her feelings.


To be continued…

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By Shubham Paul

I'm a wizard who doesn't know magic tricks. I spend my day with my coffee and my work. I just love what I do.

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