Be In The State Of Gratitude

How do we maintain a sense of Peace and Love when it feels like things are falling apart in the world or in our lives? – By taking a step back.

The key here is to gain a peaceful perspective of current events and present possibilities.

Gracefully guide the Self to a State of Gratitude by focusing attention on what IS.

Gratitude is a gift of Love, flowing from our sacred heart space ~ a timely reflection of our heavenly presence on earth.

Give thanks to the large and small, the gift of it all.

Give thanks for each new challenge because it will build your strength and character.

Give thanks for your mistakes for they will teach you valuable lessons.

5 replies on “Be In The State Of Gratitude”

Thank you for this wonderful post! While reading your blog, I saw this over wonderful blog post underneath your blog. I clicked and read it, too. I almost shed a tear, just couldn’t help but share it with you. It is a great read. Go read it, too “6 Ways Grateful People See The World Differently” –

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