Reigniting Life

I Love You

It is a nocturnal creature and its name doesn’t fit its character. And there is a human who stays up late at night and makes his/her crafts better. He/she doesn’t care about what people call him/her, he/she just does what he/she wants to just like the creature. 

It sacrifices its legs to escape from predators and can regenerate them later. The human does the same. He/she sacrifices his/her things so that one-day others will experience better things. 

It likes to spend time in dark and moist places. This human spends his/her time in silent places, detaches himself/herself from negative powers and does his/her work in silent. People may not hear his/her work making noises because he/she believes in doing not in boasting.

And the most important thing is, it is a great hunter. This human is hungry. He/she wants to eat something. Something which nobody eats. Nobody wants to. And this is what makes him/her different from others. Because being the same is the ultimate disaster. This human is unique. You might not have heard of him/her, but he/she is doing something which you have never seen, have never thought of. And he/she is going to dazzle you. Definitely.

It is a giant creature from inside. That’s why it is a Centipede. They are so beautiful and inspiring creatures. Just love them. 


And this human which I talked about, I don’t know about him/her. This human could be you or the person sitting right beside you. This person could be the guy whom you saw for the first time at the market or a waiter at the coffee shop. They don’t divulge themselves, they just work in silence. The silent heroes.

Because they are centipedes…

Inspired by nature.

By Shubham Paul

I'm a wizard who doesn't know magic tricks. I spend my day with my coffee and my work. I just love what I do.


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