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A Skills Gap or A Communication Gap ?

“Skills Gap,” The theory that employers can’t fill positions because job seekers lack adequate skills/training for the positions companies are eager to fill. And for highly technical jobs — a coding job for example — I don’t doubt the pervasiveness of that problem.

In my experience, the “Skills Gap” is either overblown or irrelevant. The recent graduates are deterred or intimidated from applying OR applying for the wrong job, by something much simpler: poor communication, in the form of carelessly worded job descriptions.

Securing a position requires us to translate a JOB DESCRIPTION from jargon to real-world language.

Sometimes we don’t understand what the job entails?  many JOB SEEKERS would simply click “NEXT” – and it’s not because they aren’t qualified, it’s because they don’t understand what the job actually is.

If applicants make it past the “job description” hurdle, they may get tripped up by Online Assessments: It’s a technology many large corporations use to quickly whittle 500 applications to 50. Except, it’s akin to being dropped into a game of Minecraft, where applicants don’t have any sense of the rules or objectives!

More often than not, applicants don’t know basic logistical things, such as how long an assessment will take, or what skill is being evaluated…

Applying for a job is always high stakes. But these days, it seems knowing how to game the application system can be even more important than having the skills or temperament for the job.

At Match Beyond, Students may not have resumes packed with internships and office experience, but more often than not, they are leading complicated lives with great success: managing school, a job (or two) and family, they have mastered the art of prioritization and time management – key attributes in any professional work environment.

It should be make sure that these young people don’t forgo a career-track job, with benefits, because of a technical glitch or a misleading job posting…

By Anna Foster

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Anna is an English-Cantonese-Mandarin trilingual speaker and holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Journalism and Mass Communication.
Anna's past experiences and her diversified background showed her great adaptability to new situations as well as her ability to learn quickly.

As an award-winning student journalist, Anna has developed outstanding communication skills and interpersonal skills, and has an open mind as well as international perspective.


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