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Popeye and Me

When I was a little naughty kid, it was very hard for my mother to feed me because I didn’t like to eat food. I would think that eating is a waste of time and I would always allocate my eating time for doing mischievous things. But my mother did something different. She found my weakness (HOW?). She found that I would sit silent while watching certain cartoons. The top one was Popeye: The Sailor Man. Popeye had forearms bigger than biceps. Ha. It was just an awesome show. In that show, Popeye would eat spinach whenever he was defeated by Bluto. Let’s not talk about Olive Oyl. My mother would always tell me, “If you eat like him, you would definitely get powers like him and you can beat anyone like he beats Bluto.” So, I would always eat my food whenever it used to come.

But there is something that I got to know after 14 years. It is called inspiration. Genuinely speaking, I am not sure about Popeye. Whether he was motivated by Olive Oyl or spinach but he was motivated.


I say, “No matter what, you must find your motivation. It could be a person or a thing (sometimes aliens). It may seem hard at the first sight but it will be worth in the end.”

So, so, so… Again. You must find your motivation, because if you don’t then your vehicle will be moving with no wheels. It is not a magical thing that only a few of us can find. Look, I found my motivation in that cartoon character when I was a kid. If I could do that at that age, why can’t you?

We will talk more about motivation next time.

P.S. I still watch the show. It is just an amazing show.

By Shubham Paul

I'm a wizard who doesn't know magic tricks. I spend my day with my coffee and my work. I just love what I do.

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