Reigniting Life Short Stories

Was He A Good Guy?

There was a boy who was well behaved and intelligent. He liked to do different things every day. But one day, the situation was not favorable. He was taken from his family by a terrorist group and the family got threatened. The boy wasn’t aware of what was happening. Right after the abduction, they started training him along with other boys of the same fate. They were trained like robots. Brainwashing them, no books and no pencils. The only thing they possessed was ammunitions. They lost their childhood life. All of them. But that single boy was a bit different. Even though he got the training but his mind was peaceful. He used bullets but on dummies only.

But one day, something else got happened. They were ordered to kill people in a big restaurant. He didn’t say even a single word. The group reached there secretly (like they do) and started killing everyone. Whatever persons they were seeing, they were just shooting them. No caste, no sex, no age and no religion. But that boy was standing still, doing nothing. He was not killing anyone. He was silent. After half an hour, anti-terrorist team came in and started filtering out. Meanwhile, the boy was standing in front of a person, carrying a gun which could penetrate the skull of that person. But the boy was just thinking. All of a sudden, AT team came in, saw the boy and shot him right at that spot. The restaurant was secured. Everything was over with the boy.

After the scene, the man (who was with the boy at the last) was just pondering over two questions.

What was the boy thinking?

Should I call him a terrorist?

Think accordingly.


By Shubham Paul

I'm a wizard who doesn't know magic tricks. I spend my day with my coffee and my work. I just love what I do.

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