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The Force of Character

On a river, a frog and a scorpion meet. The Scorpio would like to go to the other side of the river. Since he can not swim, he asks the frog who sits at the edge of the road to take him to the other shore.

How am I supposed to do that? Asks the frog. Quite simply, the scorpion replies. I sit on your back and you swim over. No! Says the frog, I would be pretty silly! You’ll stab me in the back and I’ll die. Why should I stab you in the back, asks the Scorpio. When we swim in the river, and I stab you, you will die and perish, and I will die with you, because I shall perish as well. I can not be interested in that. Right, says the frog, you’re right.

And he allows the scorpion to sit down on his back. In the immediate vicinity of the other

shore the frog suddenly felt a sharp pain in his back.

Why did you do that? The Frog asks the Scorpion, now we both will die.

I’m sorry, the Scorpion answers and His voice sounds dispirited, but I can not help it.

I’m a Scorpio!

I like this story eerily, even if it has no happy ending. The core statement is that each person as an individual has their own character, which is their habits long continued. They can adjust themselves according to circumstances for few days or weeks or months or years but their core nature remains the same and when they get ‘chance’ they will show their true colors. They will never be able to ‘fundamentally’ change their true character.

By Ritu Gaur

Founder of Reignite Twenties
Resides at The Hague

An educator & writer who preferably scroll on societal issues. An acute life observer, passionate about learning and sharing knowledge; A friend of environment. Believes in the liberating law of the spirit of life

One reply on “The Force of Character”

No matter how joyful you look, at the end of the day, this world sees your character. Character resides in the core. It can’t be hidden, no matter how hard you try. I’ve always a question for the frog. Why did you believe in the Scorpio? It’s like a robber breaks into your house with a knife and asks you for the orange juice. I believe, one day the frog will come and answer me. Where are you, frog?

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