Short Stories

I’m Not A Fish

Every day, a child is considered a fish.

A fish which is forced to climb trees.

A fish which is forced to focus on other things which it is not good at.

A fish which is helpless.

A fish which doesn’t have control over its fate.

I don’t understand one thing. Let me put this in this way…

There is a little girl who is shy, gentle and kind. She is very good at writing. She has mystical words to write. She does that every time. She does that with passion and love. But she is not good at mathematics. She fails every time in that subject. But when it comes to writing, she stands out. That’s not the magic. That’s a homogeneous solution of will and skill that she puts in her pen. One day, she fails again in mathematics and is forced to take extra classes for that subject. Now, she spends most of her time in practicing the stuff which she is not great at in order to become good at that subject. She is forced to develop a non-intentional skill in that field which she is not skilled in by sacrificing time that she used to use for writing.

In genuine words, she is a well-programmed robot now. A robot. Just a robot.

I just want to clear some points. Oh, come on humans…

How many times do we need to sacrifice things which we are good at for the things we don’t like?

How many good skills do we need to kill?

How many of us do need to take all the hidden skills to the grave?

How long does it take to know that every child is good at a certain amount of things?

Why don’t you really understand that we can’t entertain two things at the same time?

Why are we forced to concentrate on our weaknesses?

What will happen to our strengths?

This is 2017. The world is evolving. This world needs skilled humans. Not robots. By doing this, you are transforming humans into robots every day and you feel proud when he/she gets 92% marks in mathematics. What if he/she is good at home interior designing? His/her skills can be used to make different architectures on this planet. And who knows, his/her skills are useful in designing shelters in other planets.

Every child has his/her own skills. Every one of them is a star in his/her field.

This is really for parents who are doing this. Go and ask them, “What do you like?” Ask them, “What makes you happy?” Push them to do what they love to do.

Because we are humans, not robots and we came on this planet first.

And I speak for humans.

Live accordingly.


By Shubham Paul

I'm a wizard who doesn't know magic tricks. I spend my day with my coffee and my work. I just love what I do.

18 replies on “I’m Not A Fish”

Hello Sir, I love reading your posts, especially the stories you write have great morals behind, I request you to make new category for your posts so that we can find them at one place, If this could be possible. Thank You.

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