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What India really needs: cow protection or protection of human rights?

Upholding of the above fundamental rights and civil rights of the citizens comes as a prima facie responsibility of the legislature, the executive, and the judiciary. Ironically, instead of upholding the rights of the women and minorities (those in dire need) we have drifted to a different path.

The boring bug

I have been stunned by the alarming development in India’s political fiasco i.e. the rising vigilantism under the shed of cow protection inter alia the rise of gau rakshaks (“cow protectors”). But do we really need cow protectors? If yes, then what should cow protectors be protecting? If their pseudo-moral responsibility is limited to the protection of cows then how did this vigilantism resulted in the death of a human?

I’ll limit my thoughts from the perspective of Indian constitution and a rational human. The constitution of India in its Part IV provides with the directive principles of state policy (“DPSP”), wherein article 48, as reprised below states:

Article48. … The state shall endeavour to organise agricultural and animal husbandry on modern and scientific lines and shall, in particular, take steps for preserving and improving the breeds, and prohibiting the slaughter, of cows and calves…

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10 replies on “What India really needs: cow protection or protection of human rights?”

All we know that at least 60 % of populations are under 30-35 years old which u also heard what prime minister always referred to this ..u know why,bro ? because they just know that all things became sad if youths don’t contribute in them…and direction of country also decided by the youths ….even if u think once by own that which sectors is in india where thirteen or fourteen donot work ? u might think over it practically…
If being something wrong,i’m sure there must be a silent hand of any corrupt leader or corrupt ppl..


yeah,u’re right but whynot we all give at a try ? things r developing just in slow motion…


Big issue…! And i know it can be solved by only and only indian youths not by some dramatic leaders …we,indian should over this and take action…but we don’t bcoz we don’t have time *


many issues r there …u already familiar with mother cows and now have looked to devorced system and their fight , now come to capital in delhi,here looked that tamilnadu strikers who are in jantar-mantar foe last many days …what all these ?


Vishal, i am relating to the topic of the article. You cannot reach anywhere by paddling in all directions.
Since you said that only youth can solve the issue at hand, i am just curious to know your opinion.



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