Blessed With Inner Peace

Remember! When you have inner peace, you have everything.
When you do not have inner peace, you have nothing.

Good health is not the absence of symptoms, it is the presence of Peace and it comes from within , Do not seek it out.

It is the key to Happiness


Disturbing Emotions are the greatest obstacles to it , Such as anger, attachment, fear and suspicion,
While love and compassion and a sense of universal responsibility are the sources of peace and happiness.

It is the Ultimate Blessing

May you be blessed with Inner Peace now and always. 

hand of  woman meditating in a yoga pose on beach at sunset

By the way , do you know the unrevealed Sudarshan Kriya ?

And how does it works  for happiness & Peace ?

Come On Friends! Gift yourself an unrevealed secret to Health & True Happiness, lifelong!

Sudarshan Kriya is a powerful yet simple rhythmic breathing technique that incorporates specific natural rhythms of the breath, harmonizing the body, mind and emotions.

Have you observed, how much time do you take to come out of negative emotions – anger, irritation, frustration, sadness?

Through Sudarshan Kriya, learn to skilfully use the breath to change the way you feel, having a say over emotions. They don’t rule you anymore.

Imagine, everyday, if anger, irritation, jealousy, fear is replaced with joy, smile, deep breaths and happy life!

Happiness in Friendship, Relations, Career, Family, Business, Marriage is just a glance of who you are, but not the real you…!

Breathe Now, Breathe Sudarshan Kriya, The mirror will reflect only a Smiling You!

By Ritu Gaur

Founder of Reignite Twenties
Resides at The Hague

An educator & writer who preferably scroll on societal issues. An acute life observer, passionate about learning and sharing knowledge; A friend of environment. Believes in the liberating law of the spirit of life

2 replies on “Blessed With Inner Peace”

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is a Spiritual Leader He is the founder of the Art of Living Foundation ( It’s not a Concept) , and Sudarshan Kriya is a part of Happiness Program by AOL Foundation. 🙂



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