Know Zing-ing

“Hollywood movies. The world of make believe.”

“That’s right. By the way, my friends and I went to the new restaurant you’d recommended. The food was okay, but the place had no zing.”

“No zing? What are you talking about?”

“There was no life in the place. It was very dull, absolutely no energy.”

“I see. How about this example? Virat Kohli brings a lot of zing into the team.”

“He certainly does, doesn’t he? On New Year’s Eve, my friends and I like to be in a place with a lot of zing in it.”

“So, have you decided where you’ll be going this year? Two days back, you were….”

“How many times do I have to tell you? It’s not two days back, but two days ago. I met my cousin six months ago. Not six months back.”

“I went to Chennai a year ago. Now tell me, are you going to Goa….”

“That’s where I’d like to go. But right now, among my friends, Bali seems to be the flavour of the month.”

“Flavour of the month? Does it mean the most popular vacation spot? The one…”

“When you say that something is the flavour of the month, what you mean is that it is the most popular thing at the moment. The expression can be used with people as well. As far as tennis is concerned, Del Potro seems to be the flavour of the month.”

“My father tells me that bell bottoms were the flavour of the month in the early 70s.”

“That’s a good example. Sindhu is the flavour of the month with my boss. He thinks….”

“What about you? Were you ever the flavour of the month?”

“Never! I made the mistake of zinging his very first proposal, and since then…”

“Zinging his proposal? Does it mean you enthusiastically supported the proposal?”

“I did the exact opposite. The word ‘zing’ can be used as a verb to mean to criticise. The Opposition is taking great delight in zinging the policies of the PM.”

“President-Elect Trump gets zinged quite a bit on the late-night comedy shows.”

“In Parliament, our politicians waste their time and our money zinging each other.”

“That’s true!

By Ritu Gaur

Founder of Reignite Twenties
Resides at The Hague

An educator & writer who preferably scroll on societal issues. An acute life observer, passionate about learning and sharing knowledge; A friend of environment. Believes in the liberating law of the spirit of life


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