The Tolerant : A Person of Value

‘Survival of the Tolerant’ is the quote today

I generally find ‘me’ as a most tolerant person in almost all circumstances but people take me to extremes, they try, they provoke, to break my patience ; I’ll never break it as I know I can’t take it .

They call me UNDESIRED CHILD just because I have to leave them one day, They call me FAILURE just because ‘m not successful .. but see! I am trying , They call me UGLY because I want to be as real as I am and as simple as I love to be , They call me BRAINLESS , ..  because I am a ‘ GIRL’ ?? Yeh ! A Girl , an emotional , sensitive , insecure and a weak ‘person’ … and BTW girls ‘re  NOT person, they’re ‘TOOLS‘… in the hands of ‘MEN’..

Really?? Are We ??


Solution To This Situation: I ‘IGNORE’ THEM.. AND .. ‘WAITING FOR MY TIME’

Who suggest me to do so? A person who always stand by  me , who always support me anyway anyhow anywhere , she is with me .. she is none other than my MOM , My First Love and Probably my Last… She is blessing in disguise for me.

A mother’s words of encouragement can be the foundation for which greatness is build.. her love runs deep and its power knows no limit…

No one believes in me  quite like my mother does. I Thank her for always seeing past my little imperfections.

I am tolerating everybody because my mom wants me to , She wanna see me as a Person of Value, She use to tell me that  Love, Truth, Kind Words & Forgiveness have long term implications on making you a Person of Value.

I do not care what other people think about me but I care what my MOM thinks about me , I wanna become ‘ Perfect ‘… PERFECT in her ways – a ‘ Person of Value ‘ in her eyes  🙂

They say I am ORDINARY .. But I DON’T MIND as all things are TEMPORARY.. I know I am UNIQUE like the month of February .. So I never mind their HONORARY .




By Ritu Gaur

Founder of Reignite Twenties
Resides at The Hague

An educator & writer who preferably scroll on societal issues. An acute life observer, passionate about learning and sharing knowledge; A friend of environment. Believes in the liberating law of the spirit of life


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